Moore, Edward Mott

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Edward Mott, U.S. physician, 1814-1902.
Moore approach
Moore bone drill
Moore bone retractor
Moore driver
Moore elevator
Moore extractor
Moore forceps
Moore fracture
Moore hip prosthesis
Moore hollow chisel
Moore nail
Moore pin
Moore rasp
Moore stem
Moore technique
Moore template
Moore tube
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Moore nailed a two-run homer in the inning while Jack Parenty, Sean Godfrey and Dylan Jones added RBI singles.
Ryan Moore nailed his colours to Conduit's mast this week, but admitted he had faced a difficult choice, and last year's Derby runner-up Tartan Bearer has excellent credentials to deliver a sixth King George to Mick Kinane.
At Glenville High School, a big-city black school, Moore nailed grades and charmed classmates.