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William, English inventor, 1818-1894.
Moon system - a touch-type alphabet for the blind. Synonym(s): Moon type
Moon type - Synonym(s): Moon system
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Moon Type, as it was called, became particularly favoured as a reading system for those who lost their sight in adulthood.
Toronto, 1858; later relocated to Hamilton) speaks vaguely of the "reading of raised characters" by the blind children, in 1864 there is evidence of books printed in Moon Type underpinning its Library for the Blind of Canada West--thanks to a donation of volumes from Moon himself.
After the Halifax Asylum for the Blind (later the Halifax School for the Blind [HSB]) opened its doors in 1871, (10) students there variously received instruction in Boston Line Type, Moon Type, and British Braille, the last of the three being used more with older students.
01217880645 HOUSEHOLD GOODS FISH TANK complete half moon type h=16, w=15.5 d=8 inches gwo nice pounds 18 Tel.
Title, subject, and media indexes are included, with media indexes divided into the following categories: Braille; Cassette; Computer Diskette; Disc; Electronic Access; Electronic Braille; Large Print; and Moon Type. Includes an order form.