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Man boobs; formally, gynaecomastia
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Judge Craig Revel Horwood has spoken of his "life changing" [euro]3,000 moob job.
Moobs, a term for unusually prominent breasts on a man, gender-fluid, referring to a person who does not identify with a single fixed gender, and YOLO, the acronym for the phrase "you only live once", made the cut in the OED's quarterly update.
DEMAND for men's moob jobs has rocketed by 50% in six months.
Moobs can be caused by certain prescribed medicines, such as those to treat stomach ulcers or diabetes.
"It's similar to the technique used to remove so-called moobs in men, where excess tissue means they appear to have breasts.
Not that I needed to lose weight you understand, just stop my girlfriend constantly sneaking up behind me while I'm washing the dishes, cupping her hands under my, ahem, pecs, jiggling them and going, "Moobs, mooooobs!" in a voice like a cow.
PHOTOGRAPHER Richard Frew was under strict instructions to keep my moobs out of the frame as I took a dip down memory lane yesterday.
No more flabby arms, muffin tops or moobs! Step 2 - One of the main reasons our body fat storage areas are bulging is we have too much sugar and carbohydrate in our diets.
King Simon looked a bit like an old, inflated Robin Thicke, puffed up and shirtless with moobs to rival Dolly Parton's.
Or maybe moobs. Although I doubt the two have ever appeared in the same paragraph before.
I just can't wait for the heat wave; melting roads, hosepipe bans, neighbours in Speedos, bad barbecues, sunburn, heatstroke, Geordie tans and moobs, gasping "It's the wrong sort of heat." Bring it on!