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Man boobs; formally, gynaecomastia
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Judge Craig Revel Horwood has spoken of his "life changing" [euro]3,000 moob job.
Moobs first appeared in the young adult novel The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants in 2001.
DEMAND for men's moob jobs has rocketed by 50% in six months.
While I can accept a moderate paunch I cannot abide having moobs, especially when they're visible beneath my t-shirt.
And Simon Cowell made his return to British telly on last week's Britain's Got Talent with his moobs pretty much hanging out of his shirt - and the Hoff wasn't much better.
The removal of 'man boobs' - or moobs to coin a term - is a popular request, and not just because of the recent debate about whether M& S should charge women more for bigger bras.
The 'Spexy Beast' told us about booze bans, his midlife crisis and Simon Cowell's moobs.
COMEDIAN Sanjeev said: "I tried to get rid of the moobs last year but now I want to make moobs sexy and bigger.
King Simon looked a bit like an old, inflated Robin Thicke, puffed up and shirtless with moobs to rival Dolly Parton's.
We''re used to talking about moobs and cankles but what about other recent additions to the body parts dictionary like 'chineck'', where neck and chin blends into one, or 'sleevage'' which appears when the top of your arms are fat and they push against your body creating a shape similar to a cleavage.
I just can't wait for the heat wave; melting roads, hosepipe bans, neighbours in Speedos, bad barbecues, sunburn, heatstroke, Geordie tans and moobs, gasping "It's the wrong sort of heat.
Beer bellies, six packs, and male breasts - or moobs - were just some of the concerns.