Montgomery tubercles

Mont·gom·er·y tu·ber·cles

elevated reddened areolar glands, usually associated with pregnancy.
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Mont·gom·er·y tu·ber·cles

(mont-gŭm'ĕr-ē tū'bĕr-kĕlz)
Elevated reddened areolar glands, usually associated with pregnancy.
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William Featherstone, Irish obstetrician, 1797-1859.
Montgomery follicles - Synonym(s): Montgomery glands
Montgomery glands - a number of small mammary glands forming small rounded projections from the surface of the areola of the breast. Synonym(s): areolar glands; Montgomery follicles
Montgomery strap
Montgomery tubercles - elevated reddened areolar glands.
Montgomery vaginal speculum
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Other less commonly encountered physiological changes were melasma, gingivitis, acne, Montgomery tubercles, hair and nail changes.

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