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William F., Irish obstetrician, 1797-1859. See: Montgomery follicles, Montgomery glands, Montgomery tubercles.
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One problem: Valencia failed to maintain the pressure on Montgomery, and it proved to be a costly mistake.
Although the changes are invisible from the outside the $70 million Montgomery Park complex utilizes a diverse environmental preservation strategy in an area surrounded by industrial brownfield sites.
In Montgomery, most of the bus company's customers were black and they had long resented having to board the bus in the back and give up their seats for whites.
This is great news for Jersey City," stated Ed Yorukoff, sales and marketing director of Montgomery Greene.
Montgomery chronicles an indeterminate length of time spent in Melanesia in search of something.
Looking out the 11th floor window of his office May 21, Montgomery is philosophical.
Ron Mays, president of Montgomery Jet Center in Montgomery, Alabama, is one of them.
However, in Montgomery in 1954, "the man and the hour have met" with a different outcome than William Yancey had in mind when he had introduced Jefferson Davis as the new president of the Confederacy in this capital city nearly one hundred years before with those same words in a spot near the red-brick Dexter Avenue Baptist Church that King was called to pastor.
The firm changed its name to Cleaver, Beck, Blank, Stein & Montgomery and listed her as a partner on its letterhead.
Then, last fall, the embers flared again when students at a Montgomery County high school produced a public affairs program on same-sex marriage.

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