Montezuma's revenge

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Mon·te·zu·ma's re·venge

(mon'tě-zū'măz rě-venj')
A colloquial term for traveler's diarrhea contracted in Mexico. The most common causative organisms are enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Shigella, and Campylobacter jejuni.
Synonym(s): turista.
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Even Montezuma's revenge and other diarrheal illnesses don't necessarily change the underlying makeup, or even numbers, of the community of bacteria living in the colon.
"Montezuma's revenge," "Delhi belly," and other variants of travelers' diarrhea can be prevented with chewable bismuth-containing tablets, reported Dr.
Stomach guardians that ward off Montezuma's Revenge before you notice a single symptom--permanently, because the microbes are symbiotic with you, and live throughout your digestive system.
I longed for a reference to the source for the statement that the passacaglia 'came from the Aztecs--the vanquished Montezuma got his revenge, after all, by conquering an entire continent through music'--a new and more appealing definition of 'Montezuma's revenge'.
Traveler's diarrhea, long known by such names as Montezuma's revenge, was recently defined in the pages of the New England Journal of Medicine as diarrhea that occurs when a person living in an industrialized region travels to a developing or semitropical country.
19 AIDS-antibody-positive individuals need to know that they are at a greater risk for serious consequences from what tourists jokingly refer to as "Montezuma's Revenge' or the "Aztec Two-Step.' If you must visit Third World countries, take bottled water and avoid raw foods.
A low point of a sort was reached in 1979, when President Jimmy Carter shocked a Mexican audience with his reference to "Montezuma's revenge." His apology should have signaled a change in U.S.
The others include flight delays and three days in the loo with Montezuma's Revenge, the Tijuana Twostep or (when in Russia) the Trots.
I wonder what visitors who come here think of Montezuma's revenge?