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Plural of mons.


(mons) plural.montes [L., mountain]
An anatomical eminence above the surface of the body.

mons pubis

A pad of fatty tissue and skin overlying the symphysis pubis. After puberty it is covered with coarse hair.

mons veneris

mons pubis.
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In the video, Cortez allegedly showed Collins a hospital gown while she was in bed, with Montesa holding up a phone to film them.
Over 40s: Andrew Jackson (Montesa) 27, Martin Beardsall (Sherco) 38.
Contract for the public service of solid urban waste collection (rsu) in the municipal areas of l~alcdia de crespins, the coastal farm, montesa, novetl and llosa de ranes.
Montesa said the conclusion of the plebiscite with a trending yes across the ARMM sent the transition process in motion.
En el este de la Peninsula Iberica y norte de Africa, ocurren dos grandes terremotos en 1748 en Montesa (Valencia) y en 1790 en Oran (Argelia), esto es 5 anos antes del terremoto de Lisboa y 39 anos despues (Figura 1a).
2nd class: B Robinson (Gas Gas) 22, David Pye (Gas Gas) 22, N Savage (Gas Gas) 23, Sam Beecroft-Penny (Sherco) 24, J Jennings (Gas Gas) 24, Russ Rooksby (Montesa) 24, L Haley (Honda) 25, Chris Heane (Beta) 25, Jay Stephenson (Montesa) 26, Kevin Tate (Beta) 27, Sam Boocock (Beta) 28, Lewis Black (Honda) 29, John Cowley (Sherco) 30.
''I consider (this meeting) a meaningful breakthrough,'' Montesa told reporters, adding it was the first time U.S.
Tenders are invited for openings of the c / montesa. initial phase urbanization ua-12 pgou albacete.
With Aguirre on stage are (from left) DSWD Pantawid Pamilya Information Officer 2 Montesa Caoyonan, Pantawid Pamilya Officer in Charge Chanderlyn Jesselle I.
1st Class Glen Scholey (Honda) 17, Chris Alford (Yamaha) 17, Trevor Willans (Montesa) 21, Phil Perry (Gas Gas) 22, Sam Haywood (Ossa) 24.
Fe Mayor Amparo Montesa to place the entire town under a state of calamity.
Results: Championship course: Inters: Louis Haley (Montesa) 48, Sam Rhodes (Gas Gas) 82, Ben Robinson (Jotagas) 98.