Monte Carlo Analysis

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A computationally intensive method for calculating the direction of the beams of radiation used to treat a particular malignancy.
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The proposed methodology required the following steps: (i) conduct a multi-objective optimization study; (ii) assign distributions to input parameters as described in Table 4; (iii) recreate each energy model using the optimization dataset for use within the MCA; (iv) conduct the Monte Carlo analysis, ensuring that both the reference and proposed energy models are resimulated for each sample; (v) calculate error bars in EUI and NPV performance outcomes using a 95% confidence interval; (vi) build regression model using energy and economic performance indicator; and (vii) plot error bars with optimization results.
The Monte Carlo analysis employs the external approach.
The [B.sup.2] Spice v5 has been enhanced with the capability to perform parameter stepping and Monte Carlo analysis on any simulation.
acslXtreme[R] Pharmacokinetic OPTIMUM modeling software gives drug developers and risk assessors robust parameter estimation, model optimization, sensitivity analysis, and Monte Carlo analysis capabilities that are critical to solving many complex applied mathematical problems and for optimizing model parameters against experimental data.
Thus, reasonable assumptions should be made about the distributions of these parameters and the result using Monte Carlo analysis should be examined) In fact, the key problem with using present value analysis to evaluate an option is the problematic interest rate assumption, especially the risk premium.
A more advanced approach beyond expected value is application of Monte Carlo Analysis.
A Monte Carlo analysis is performed to develop an approximation to the circuit yield.
In this case, one must resort to an approximation or a cumbersome Monte Carlo analysis. The former is the tack most often taken; for example, Bockstael and Strand (1987) and Kealy and Bishop (1986) have used a second-order Taylor series approximation to expected consumer surplus in their investigations.
Monte Carlo Analysis. Simulation is based on an underlying statistical technique called Monte Carlo analysis, which is the mathematical equivalent of shaking a ladder before you climb it.
[15] Spectrum Engineering Advanced Monte Carlo Analysis Tool (SEAMCAT), developed within the frame of European Conference of Postal and Telecommunication administrations (CEPT).