Monte Carlo Analysis

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A computationally intensive method for calculating the direction of the beams of radiation used to treat a particular malignancy.
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Stochastic" is another term for Monte Carlo analysis.
Monte Carlo analysis has proven helpful in getting clients to understand that they cannot take 10%-12% distributions annually and still hope to meet their income planning objectives, says Steven Markel, a senior financial advisor with Investor Solutions, Coconut Grove, Fla.
The assumptions for the Monte Carlo analysis are given in Table 1.
Monte Carlo Analysis is an extension of game theory that involves applying a random number generator to complete a large number of trials across the probability distribution for a finite number of outcomes.
If Monte Carlo analysis was performed, then each entry of the database is selected randomly for each trial.
We investigate this issue via a Monte Carlo analysis which (with a large enough number of trials) is able to give a direct estimate of the mean of the consumer surplus measure.
2008), we conducted a probabilistic analysis using Monte Carlo analysis with Crystal Ball software, incorporating 10,000 iterations, whereas Xue et al.
The first is a set of extensive tutorials introducing Monte Carlo analysis and showing how the PcNaive program can be used.
To strengthen our theoretical results, we aim to provide an extensive Monte Carlo analysis and illustrate the utility of our methods in terms of out of sample forecasting.
He develops a SPICE-like netlist or node list method of nominal circuit analysis; then adds subprogram routines to perform tolerance analysis using root-sum-square, extreme value analysis, and Monte Carlo analysis in the direct-current, frequency, and time domains.