Monster Cell

A large bizarre tumour giant cell, characterised by splayed nucleoplasm, a complex nuclear membrane, often with florid mitotic activity with tri- and quad-polar mitotic figures; the embryologic lineage is often indeterminant.
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Although much of that region of the country is rural, one monster cell ground its way directly through the southern suburbs of the Oklahoma City metropolis - an urban hit that brought to mind the Tuscaloosa, Ala., tornado of April 27, 2011 (64 dead), and the Joplin, Mo., tornado of May 22 of the same year (160 dead).
These include pleomorphic lipoma, pleomorphic leiomyoma,[6] ancient schwannoma,[7] pleomorphic fibroma,[8] and variants of dermatofibroma with atypical cells, known as dermatofibroma with monster cells.[9] All these reports caution against the over-interpretation of these bizarre cells as evidence of malignancy.