Monsel solution

Mon·sel so·lu·tion

ferric subsulfate solution used to coagulate superficial bleeding such as that following skin biopsy.
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L., 19th century French army pharmacist.
Monsel solution - ferric subsulfate solution used for hemostasis.
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An additional challenge in the case of some recurrent DN was the dermal reaction to Monsel solution, already reported in the literature as a confounder.
Have Monsel solution to apply with pressure to stop bleeding.
(23-26) From the pathologist's perspective, adnexal nevi of the skin, (27-29) cutaneous reactions to Monsel solution (a styptic),30 and the presence of the organ of Chievitz (a carcinoma look-a-like) in biopsies of the oral mucosa (31,32) are singular pseudotumoral conditions with no clinical or radiographic corollaries.