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A treatise on a particular subject or specific aspect of a subject.
[mono- + G. graphē, a writing]
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(mŏn′ō-grăf) [″ + graphein, to write]
A treatise dealing with a single subject.

drug monograph

A publication that specifies for a drug (or class of related drugs) the kinds and amounts of ingredients it may contain, the conditions and limitations for which it may be offered, directions for use, warnings, and other information that its labeling must contain. The monograph may contain important information concerning interactions with other drugs.
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a publication relating normally to a higher TAXON, which includes an exhaustive treatment of all aspects of the biology of the group as far as they relate to its taxonomy and classification.
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The psychogram (or psychological monography) is an inventory, a description, an expertise and cataloguing the psychological demands for each player.
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Sweeney's monography deserves a special attention because since de Wette's "Dissertatio critico-exegetica" the Josianic period has been seen as pivotal for the history of Judean literature and religion.
It is the first monography in Czech musicological literature to deal with the history of military music in Czechland, and is divided into two distinct parts.
The translation generally reads smoothly, although three errors on the first page of chapter one were alarming--"exquisit," "pedagocially," and "monography." Thereafter only an occasional curious spelling hampered reading enjoyment--e.g., "Thessalonikans" (13), "increas" (25), "rimed" (83).
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The monography that Pierre Brocheux presents to us is drawn from his 1969 dissertation and addresses this issue.
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The choice of Sayed Marei as the subject of his monography is especially fortunate.
"He dealt with modern housing for modern man not only at the level of exclusive villas or rental houses but at the level that we would call social housing today."Moravikova, the biggest expert in Weinwurm's oeuvre and life, published an extensive Slovak-English monography about Weinwurm in 2014.