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Jacques L., French biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1910-1976. See: Monod-Wyman-Changeux model.
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Because terms like "magic," "alchemy," and "(the) occult" are especially slippery, Monod begins by carefully explaining how he uses them as well as how they were used by the subjects of his study.
The data obtained at various gas pressures were used to determine the kinetics of CO uptake rate using a modified Monod model proposed by Andrews which accommodates CO inhibition [18]:
We at Monod Sports believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports,” - stated Peter Monod, Part Owner of Monod Sports.
* Corresponding Author E-mail: Table 1 Model rmax (mg/mg/h) Ks K1 K2 Monod 0.04103 268.6 -- -- Aiba 0.1793 268.5 -- -- Haldane 2.351 -6.683 -- -- Yano & Koga 17.12 68.73 .1897.
El factor de correlacion obtenido, practicamente igual para ambos modelos, se explica considerando el elevado valor de la constante de saturacion de Monod ([K.sub.s]), lo cual permite inferir que en la expresion de Monod: u = [u.sub.max] S / ([K.sub.s] + S), la concentracion de sustrato puede despreciarse en el denominador, transformando la misma en una cinetica de primer orden.
In another mathematical modeling study, predictions using Monod and Contois kinetic models were conducted and good correlation of the predicted and experimental values in the effluent BOD was obtained (Hu et al., 2001).
Before 1589, the corpse of a king of France was treated as though it retained what Paul Monod calls "the spiritual presence of royalty." A wax effigy on the coffin "was treated like a living being--it wore the deceased king's clothes, carried his royal insignia, and was even fed meals twice a day" (35).
La problematique, magistralement enoncee dans l'introduction de Monod Becquelin, remet en question la reponse du courant postmoderniste face a l'ethnocentrisme des monologues propres a l'ethnologie classique.
But spokesman Jean-Michel Monod said: "The situation is extremely volatile."
'Discussions are ongoing with Taliban authorities,' said Jean-Michel Monod, Asia chief at the Geneva-based International Committee of the Red Cross.