Monkey Dust

A regional term for PCP
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A CROSS between a Tim Burton movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and satirical TV cartoon Monkey Dust, you've probably never seen anything like this.
Sharon, who lives in London with husband Jeremy Rainbird and their two daughters, has previously worked on comedy series Monkey Dust and Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive.
Sharon worked with Harry on previous projects, including cult comedy Monkey Dust.
In 2003, he produced the satirical cartoon show Monkey Dust.
Thompson was behind some of the most successful comedy shows on TV including Da Ali G Show, They Think It's All Over, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and the satirical animation series Monkey Dust.
But judgement will surely have to be reserved for the likes of Celebdaq, a stocks and shares show where celebrities are the commodities, or the darkly comic animated series Monkey Dust - which includes an adult character trying to snare young girls through the Internet.
She revealed: "I wrote for a big BBC3 animated sketch show Monkey Dust, I did a series on Channel 4 called the Pilot Show and I worked on The Friday Night Project with Jimmy Carr.
30 pm) A NEW series of the contentious but award-winning Monkey Dust returns tonight.
This is already bearing fruit, as the channel will be virtually the only television outlet for new British animation, with shows such as Monkey Dust, which has already attracted controversy for featuring a paedophile character.
Shows to be screened include animated series Monkey Dust, which controversially includes an adult character trying to snare young girls through the internet.
But the channel boss has spoken out in defence of the station and insists he is proud of the new satire show, Monkey Dust, and the contentious new episode.