monitor unit

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mon·i·tor u·nit

(MU) (mon'i-tŏr yū'nit)
In radiation therapy, output measurement of radiation exposure.
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This new interpolation unit also has built-in diagnostics, which enable users to monitor unit performance.
NYSE:A) has introduced the Agilent 4073A Parametric Test System, featuring a newly developed Source Monitor Unit (SMU) and matrix that enable accurate evaluation of ultra-low current and voltage on wafers.
The maximum dose delivery rate has been increased from 600 to 1000 monitor units (MU) per minute, and the machine's isocenter, or focal point, has been reduced to encompass a one millimeter diameter sphere.
We made the Trilogy system capable of delivering stereotactic radiosurgery by increasing its maximum dose delivery rate from 600 to 1000 monitor units (MU) per minute and by fine tuning the Clinac isocenter, or focal point, to a 1 millimeter diameter sphere," said Richard Stark, director of Varian's Delivery Systems product group.
Adding additional Ellipsys monitor units and software licenses (seats) can increase the system capacity.
He says, "There is also a reduction in the total monitor units delivered, with solid IMRT requiring on average threefold fewer monitor units per plan to achieve the same prescription.