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Cardiology A WHO initiative–Multinational Monitoring of Trends & Determinants of Cardiovascular Disease–which evaluated the effects of various factors on mortality in Pts MIs

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Soon enough, as we grew older, Monica, our political leader, became our POLITICAL CONSCIENCE.
The Santa Monica Travel & Tourism Summit will focus on economic impact of tourism and economic outlook for the Santa Monica city as it relates to travel and tourism.
And so we find that, even in Santa Monica, there are limits to compassion.
It would be rare in the Canadian canon to find a film as authentic as Saint Monica.
Bill jilted Monica in late May and, as she doggedly attempted to pursue their relationship, it seemed as though she might be taking cues from the Gary Hart-era chestnut Fatal Attraction.
The President was further shaken by a video showing him giving White House trainee Monica a big hug.
If Beverly Hills is old guard Hollywood, Santa Monica is its avant-garde child.
As the inquiry team investigated the latest claims to rock Washington, it was alleged that Clinton had up to 20 sex sessions with Monica inside the White House.
The extensive property damage in Santa Monica illustrates one of the underlying problems of heavily rent-controlled housing markets: Why should landlords bother to repair or rebuild properties rented out at below-market levels?