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1. Relating to a member of the Mongolian race.
2. Obsolete. Relating to Down syndrome (because of the Asian-appearing facies).
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(mŏng-gō′lē-ən, -gōl′yən, mŏn-)
1. Of or relating to Mongolia, the Mongols, or their language or culture.
2. also mongolian Offensive Of or relating to Down syndrome.
1. A native or inhabitant of Mongolia.
2. A member of the Mongol people.
a. Any of the various spoken and written dialects and languages of the Mongols living in Mongolia and China. Also called Mongol.
b. See Mongolic.
4. Anthropology A member of the Mongoloid racial classification. No longer in scientific use.
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(mon-gō'lē-ăn) This term is no longer ever used with reference to Down syndrome.
Relating to a member of the Asian race.
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Mongolian wool, cashmere and leather products are most in demand among Chinese consumers at the expo.
The man behind one of Cambodia's very few Mongolian restaurants is Kaing Bunna, with his new eatery GK Mongolian Noodles - located close to the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Bridge in Chroy Changvar commune - opening this month.
Mike Mansfield was serving as Ambassador to Japan, the Mongolian
The export mission with the participation of 17 Azerbaijani companies operating in the production of wines and other spirits, milk and dairy products, canned products, medicinal herbal teas, confectionery, mineral water, in the field of ICT and others, met with Mongolian colleagues, discussed export issues.
This was followed by a briefing from Mongolian government officials who highlighted the nation's many business opportunities and investment potential, especially in property development.
The organizer had a ger built inside the museum as part of the exhibits to demonstrate the lifestyle of the Tibetan and Mongolian nomad.
That's why the new Mongolian iTunes app allows users to post up to 10 photos per horse and include a whole profile for the horse, with its age, gender, race history and general information about its health.
The PS3 million campaign, the latest in the saga that began in 1968, is set in the Altai Mountains over the Mongolian steppe and features flying sequences, a Mongolian tribe and stampeding yak.
Litov Namdag Janchivin is a translator, architect and painter, a longtime collaborator of the Struga Poetry Evenings, for which he prepared the Anthology of Contemporary Mongolian Poetry.
The meeting discussed the prospect of the bilateral business relation between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Mongolian People's Republic, and stressed on solidifying bonds and encouraging joint business activities.