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Mona, subject of world-famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, known for her smile.
Mona Lisa syndrome - contracture of facial muscle, associated with Bell palsy.
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The Walker Art Gallery's copy of the Mona Lisa - the gallery is currently hosting an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
FLAG member Davy Robson created his own LS Lowry version of the painting - while it was Sue Martin who painted the Mona Lisa as Kate Adie.
In fact, if you gave me P100 for my bag of dung, that would make its market value larger than that of the Mona Lisa. Thus, value is determined by the market price and- more important-value is relative to something else.
Mona Lisa's influence on culture is massive, but this oil-on-wood panel painting is just the size of an A2 paper - 77cm by 53cm.
If you would apply that definition to the Sistine Chapel and the Mona Lisa, they are purely illustrations because they were made in a given size for a given assignment.
Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile draws millions of viewers from across the world, all eager to see the art world's most famous female face.
"Mona Lisa is a symbol of classic art's property and also represents dignity of art museum," says a note on the piece, "The artist wanted to deliver the message that no other masterpiece like Mona Lisa will be able to appear anymore and even if someone creates an art piece comparable to it, it would be meaningless.
Mona Lisa's subtle smile has captured the attention of art lovers for over 500 years.
Muscat: 'Around The World With Artists,' an exhibition by Mona Lisa Art Club, held recently at the Muscat City Centre Atrium, elicited a good response from the art enthusiasts in the city.
Tout le monde sait que Mona Lisa met en scene Leonard Di Vinci et le modele de la Joconde.
At times Mona Lisa slept at the bedside of curators who were painfully aware of their heavy responsibility.