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Abbreviation for milk of magnesia.
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Abbreviation for:
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milk of magnesia
mitochondrial outer membrane
multiple of the median
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Vox populi Mother, mum, mammy, Mutti. See Mother, Supermom.
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Abbreviation for milk of magnesia.
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Abbreviation for milk of magnesia.
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Patient discussion about MOM

Q. My mom is diagnosed with fibromyalgia? My mom is diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Her pain in the neck is severe. She is wholly dependent on medicines. Though the medicines cannot relieve the neck pain it does helped her with good sleep and her depression is under control. Is Physical Therapy good for fibromyalgia and in what way?

A. Yes, it will definitely help especially in a painful situation and when there is heavy muscle stiffness. Here she will be given some stretching exercises to increase her muscle flexibility. The hallmark of this exercise is to make muscle flexible and help the patient gain their self healing power back. It is good that you are aware of this therapy to benefit your mom. Good Luck!

Q. If your mom has arthritis, are the chances any higher that you will also have arthritis? My mom has arthritis in her knees. It is to the point where she gets surgery every few years to have it scraped out. I was wondering, if your mom has arthritis, are the chances any higher that you will also have arthritis? Also what can you do to prevent getting arthritis? Thank you.

A. Some people may have a genetic preposition to certain types of arthritis (lupus, ankylosing spondylitis etc), but this is not the same as a type of arthritis being hereditary.

Q. Can I get help or suggestion for my mom? My mom underwent surgery for breast cancer after struggling for nearly 6 years. She was normal for 2 years. Now she has developed the symptoms of breast cancer again and this time the symptoms are different. The lump is below the normal position where it was before. Earlier she had one lump and now she has two lumps; one bigger and the other one smaller. We are upset with this and the doctors are at a loss to decide further treatment. Can I get help or suggestion for my mom?

A. She needs to bring her ph up. She can do that by taking:
cod liver oil
flax seed oil
raw apple cider vinegar

These will treat the cause of the lumps rather than just the symptoms.

Also she needs to avoid processed foods especially white sugar, white flour and high fructose corn syrup. these all feed the cancer and strip the body of minerals.
research alternative medicines on the internet.

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