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A salt of molybdic acid.
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The vibrational spectroscopic studies of molybdates have attracted particular attention of a large number of researchers [11-16].
A 0.68 M solution of ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate (Sigma-Aldrich 277908) was prepared in a mixture of distilled water and dimethylformamide in a ratio of 5:1, respectively.
Brixner, "Single crystal growth of the Ln2[(Mo[O.sub.4]).sub.3]-type rare earth molybdates," Journal of Crystal Growth, vol.
Bismuth nitrate, sodium molybdate, MB, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, absolute alcohol, SDS, PVP, and CTAB were provided by Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd.
Bi-based photocatalysts such as bismuth oxide [8], bismuth vanadate [9,10], bismuth subcarbonate [11,12], bismuth tungstate [13], and bismuth molybdate [3, 4] are very important photocatalysts for visible light.
Sodium molybdate is well suited as a non-toxic, anodic (pitting) corrosion inhibitor of steel (Rey et al.
These cations readily hydrolize to genetrate molybdate anions.
Subsequent chemical study demonstrated it to be a copper molybdate new to science.
Modern pigments include modified zinc phosphates and various proprietary non-toxic pigments, such as phosphates, molybdates, silicates, borates, and ion exchange.
Organic-based products will remain the largest type in value terms, although molybdates and silicates will experience faster growth.