Hans, Austrian chemist, 1856-1937. See: Molisch test.
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The model has been described and implemented by Molisch [23].
To a few drops of the sample, molisch reagent was included followed by the layering of concentrated sulfuric acid shows the presence of reddish-brown ring indicates the nearness of carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates were detected using Molisch's test, violet ring formation indicates the presence of reducing sugars (Evans, 1996).
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For each ethanol extract, presence or absence of sesquiterpenic lactones, coumarins, and cardiotonics were determined by ferric hydroxamate, Ehrlich method, fluorescence test, Baljet's test, and Molisch test.
Phytochemical analyzed Test method Inference Carbohydrate Molisch's test - Fehling's test - Flavonoids Alkaline reagent test + Ferric chloride test ++ Tannins Ferric chloride test ++ Potassium dichromate test +++ Glycosides Keller-Kiliani's test + Saponins Foam test +++ Alkaloids Mayer's test + Dragendorff's test + Sterols and triterpenoids Salkowski test - Amino acids Ninhydrin test - (+++): appreciable amount; (++) moderate amount; (+) trace amount; (-) completely absent.
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