Molecular Dissection

A term of art referring to the evaluation of a disease mechanism by a method of separating that which is known about the disease at the molecular and mechanistic level from that which is not
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Emergence of fatal PRRSV variants: unparalleled outbreaks of atypical PRRS in China and molecular dissection of the unique hallmark.
They made a detailed molecular dissection of healthy and colon cancer tissue to address fundamental questions about tumor heterogeneity and clonality.
Yukihide TOMARI "Molecular Dissection and Application of Small RNA Mechanisms" Emi NISHIMURA "Identification of Melanocyte Stem Cells and Mechanisms for their Maintenance and Aging"
Molecular dissection of the amygdala and its relevance to autism Genes, Brainy and Behavior 2(5):282-294, 2003.
The ten extended articles here follow suit in their descriptions of research in foot-and-mouth disease viruses, the molecular biology of pestiviruses, arteriviruses, coronavirus replication and interaction with the host, hendra and nipah virus, the molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis and host range in avian influenza, molecular dissection of the bluetongue virus, molecular biology of porcine circoviruses, molecular biology of animal herpesviruses, and the African swine fever virus.
* First molecular dissection of nerve fibers within the normal and injured spinal cord
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