molar absorption coefficient

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mo·lar ab·sorp·tion co·ef·fi·cient (ε),

absorbance (of light) per unit path length (usually the centimeter) and per unit of concentration (in moles per liter); a fundamental unit in spectrophotometry.
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mo·lar ab·sorp·tion co·ef·fic·ient

(ε) (mō'lăr ab-sōrp'shŭn kō-ĕ-fish'ĕnt)
Absorbance (of light) per unit path length (usually the centimeter) and per unit of concentration (moles per liter); a fundamental unit in spectrophotometry.
Synonym(s): absorbancy index (2) , absorptivity (2) .
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The near-infrared (NIR) light emitted by the laser is selective and specific for H2O molecules, enabling concentration measurements based upon molar absorptivity.
For evaluation of the formation constants and molar absorptivity coefficients from absorbance vs.
Molar absorptivity of the complex having metal ligand ratio of 1:2 is 4.03 x 104 L mol-1 cm-1 at 485 nm.
The isobutanol layer was dried over [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] and used for the determination of the concentration of TC in the solution at 370 nm using 20,400 [M.sup.-1] x [cm.sup.-1] as the value of molar absorptivity [61] or 654 as the value of A (1% 1 cm) at that wavelength.
Their relative abundance in space, for example, an abundance of about 0.35% in certain planetary nebulae, was estimated through the molar absorptivity and integrated molar absorptivity of the infrared maxima measured in laboratory [5, 6].
The Komar-Tolmachev method [28] also allows to calculate the true molar absorptivity of the complex: e= (3.5-3.9)A-104L mol-1 cm-1.
The amount of generated p-nitrophenol was calculated from the molar absorptivity coefficient at pH 8, which was 17,000 M-1 cm-1.19 PON activity was expressed as U/L serum.
Molar absorptivity, Sandell's sensitivity, standard error on slope, confidence limit of slope (95%), standard error on intercept, confidence limit of intercept (95%), LOD, and LOQ were calculated.
The high molar absorptivity of the colored product indicates the high sensitivity of the method.
where [k.sub.obs] and [[delta].sub.ap] represent pseudo-first-order rate constants for alkaline hydrolysis of 1 and molar absorptivity of reaction mixture, respectively, and [[1.sub.0]] is the initial concentration of 1 and [A.sub.0] = [A.sub.obs] at t = 0.
The molar absorptivity of BCP > BCG > BTB > MO > BPB ion-pair complexes for GMF, while for MXF the molar absorptivity of BCP > BTB > BPB > MO ion-pair complexes, also, the molar absorptivity of BCG > BTB ion-pair complexes for ENF.
The assay of HEMA in fresh and polymerized solutions was carried out by mixing a small amount of the solution with 0.05 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.0, and measurement of absorbance at 208 nm (molar absorptivity 8000 [M.sup.-1] [cm.sup.-1]).