Mohs, Frederick E.

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Frederick E., U.S. surgeon, 1910-2002.
Mohs chemosurgery - a microscopically controlled technique for removal of skin tumors. Synonym(s): microscopically controlled surgery; Mohs micrographic surgery; Mohs surgery
Mohs fresh tissue chemosurgery technique - chemosurgery in which superficial cancers are excised after fixation in vivo.
Mohs micrographic surgery - Synonym(s): Mohs chemosurgery
Mohs surgery - Synonym(s): Mohs chemosurgery
Mohs technique
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Mohs technique has been reported to effectively allow total tumor removal while preserving the maximum normal tissue; however, amputation is sometimes necessary when the tumor is too extensive, as in this case [9, 10].
When pathologists receive an intact excised lesion--one not obtained using a Mohs technique, "delineation of the margin is essential," Dr.
In addition, Leibovitch et al, in a prospective study highlighted the lower recurrence rate for BSC treated with Mohs technique [4].
Goldberg, "Granular cell tumor of the heel treated with Mohs technique," Dermatologic Surgery, vol.
Grande reported the clinic's 4-year history of using the modified Mohs technique to treat lentigo maligna or lentigo maligna melanoma.