Mohs surgery

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Mohs che·mo·sur·ger·y

a technique for removal of skin tumors with a minimum of normal tissue, by prior necrosis with zinc chloride paste, mapping of the tumor site, and excision and microscopic examination of frozen section of thin horizontal layers of tissue, until all of the tumor is removed. More recently, the preliminary step of chemical necrosis has been omitted.
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Mohs surgery

A therapy for broad-based, shallow BCC or SCCs, especially for lesions that are 1–2 cm, recurring or on recurrence-prone sites (nose, eyes, ears), or are aggressive histologic subtypes (e.g., sclerosing (morphoeic) BCC).

The surface of the lesion plus 3–5 mm margin of normal tissue is coagulated with dichloracetic acid, overlaid with a 20% zinc chloride paste and covered with an occlusive dressing. The ZnCl2 fixes the tissue similar to formaldehyde; after 24–48 hours, a “saucer” of tissue is removed and submitted for frozen section analysis to determine sites, if any, of deep tumour extension. Mohs surgery reduces the incidence of recurrent disease while preserving non-involved tissue.
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Mohs surgery

Surgical oncology A therapy for broad-based, shallow BCC or SCCs, especially for lesions that are 1-2 cm, recurring or recurrence-prone sites–nose, eyes, ears, aggressive histologic subtypes–eg, morphea-like BCC. See Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma.
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Frederick E., U.S. surgeon, 1910-2002.
Mohs chemosurgery - a microscopically controlled technique for removal of skin tumors. Synonym(s): microscopically controlled surgery; Mohs micrographic surgery; Mohs surgery
Mohs fresh tissue chemosurgery technique - chemosurgery in which superficial cancers are excised after fixation in vivo.
Mohs micrographic surgery - Synonym(s): Mohs chemosurgery
Mohs surgery - Synonym(s): Mohs chemosurgery
Mohs technique
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I suggested to the driver that he have the condition treated with Mohs surgery. For those unfamiliar with the term, Mohs surgery is a subspecialty of the specialty of dermatology in which the Mohs surgeon uses a unique, complex, and very effective method of removing a malignancy from the skin with a minimal removal or destruction of healthy tissue.