Mogen clamp

Mo·gen clamp

a circumcision instrument.
[Hebrew star]
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It was now time to use the mogen clamp circumcision device.
The Mogen clamp, another commonly used device, also is used in traditional Jewish circumcisions.
The ceremony involves a brief religious service, circumcision with the traditional Mogen clamp, a special blessing, and an official religious naming rite.
The surgical techniques used today include the PlastiBell, Gomco clamp, Mogen clamp, Smart clamp, Tara clamp, Shang Ring, and thermocautery.
A randomized trial of Mogen clamp versus Plastibell for neonatal male circumcision in Botswana.
Hoekstra says that the companies' product, known as a Mogen clamp, has a design defect that does not provide any protection for the head of the penis, unlike other circumcision clamps, and contains a second defect that does not allow for the doctor to be able to visualize the head of the penis when applying the scalpel to the foreskin.
1,10,11) This rate could change according to the preferred approaches, including the classic surgical method, Gomco clamp, Mogen clamp or Plastibell device.
Despite the fact that the Mogen clamp "may provide a less painful procedure, compared with the Gomco clamp or the Plastibell method," use of the Mogen clamp was taught in only 38% of the programs, vs.
After locking the Mogen clamp, the ObGyn amputated a 9-mm by 8-mm portion of the top of the penis along with the foreskin.
The company has effectively been sued out of business, yet the Mogen clamp is still one of the most common circumcision devices still being used.
For neonates, the WHO commends the Mogen clamp method and a local anaesthetic, adding that "a pacifier soaked in sucrose solution has been found to be effective in reducing fussiness in infants.
Pickett used a Miltex Mogen clamp that removed 85 percent of the top of the boy's penis, according to the suit.