Moebius syndrome

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Moe·bi·us syn·drome

(mĕrbē-ŭs sindrōm) [MIM*157900]
Congenital paralysis, usually bilateral, of facial and ocular muscles due to failure of development of nerve cells.
Synonym(s): congenital facial diplegia, nuclear agenesis, oculofacial paralysis, von Graefe syndrome II.
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They handed us a pamphlet about Moebius Syndrome, but we had questions that the specialists couldn't answer," Butler said, ( Yahoo 7 reported Sunday.
Moebius syndrome results from the underdevelopment of the cranial nerves which control lateral eye movement and facial expression.
The clinical findings of patients with Moebius syndrome show variability.
(ii) Incomplete Moebius Syndrome: presence of residual movements in one side of the face
Like many others with Moebius Syndrome Teegan has great difficulty sleeping as her eyes don't close properly.
There are thought to be only 200 cases of Moebius Syndrome - also known as Frozen Face Syndrome - in the UK and only 2,000 people worldwide.
The foundation helps children who suffer from treatable facial conditions such as Cleft Lip and Palate, burns, facial paralysis (Moebius Syndrome) and other facial conditions.
Also taking part is fellow Teessider David Johnston, who has a condition called Moebius Syndrome, which has left him with lifelong symptoms that include facial paralysis, swallowing problems, balance and coordination issues.
In patients with Moebius syndrome, CISS imaging is particularly useful in confirming the absence or small caliber of the facial nerve within the CPA and IAC (Figure 14).
Jack, from Doncaster, has moebius syndrome - an extremely rare disorder that paralyses muscles in his face.