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Abciximab vs. Tirofiban for Inhibition of Platelets During Coronary Stenting.
A trial comparing the antiplatelet and antithrombin effects and intensity of periprocedural GP IIb/IIIa inhibition of tirofiban vs. abciximab during non-urgent PCI stenting
Conclusion GP IIb/IIIa inhibition was suboptimal with both abciximab and tirofiban during PCI stenting
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The modern Athens Marathon commemorates the run of Pheidippides from a battlefield at Marathon to Athens in 490 BC.
Ancient Athens as been as praised as modern Athens has been denounced.
As a result of hosting the Games, modern Athens is undergoing a long-awaited renaissance to upgrade the capital to European standards.
On a first tour of the hidden city, Reuel is impressed by what he sees: "Used as he was to the improvements and luxuries of life in the modern Athens, he could but acknowledge them as poor beside the combination of Oriental and ancient luxury that he now enjoyed.
Modern Athens, with its sprawling suburbs, is a creation of the last half century.

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