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Ordained Jew who performs circumcisions as prescribed by Jewish customs.
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Mochel also participated in the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal's Symposium & Exhibition in Vienna, 1994.
Interactions between this lattice of whirlpools and sound waves produce the distinctive signal detected by Mochel and his coworkers, he says.
I'm full of admiration for Lucas Rieffel and Guillaume Mochel.
The 12 yr old team of Ella Fairey, Maddi Archer, Francesca and Hana Soetanto placed third in the Medley Team - Hana also finished third in the 50m freestyle (12 yrs) and Leo Mochel third in the backstroke.
(227.) Routhier CA, Mochel MC, Lynch K, Dias-Santagata D, Louis DN, Hoang MP.
"As the leading provider of automotive LIN ICs, Atmel is committed to bringing more innovative LIN products to the market," said Claus Mochel, marketing director for automotive high voltage products, Atmel Corporation.
Ddaru'r glaw ddim peidio, ac roedd y Myrdd Siaradwyr yn swatio dan gazebo fechan yn mochel rhag y glaw - yn aelod seneddol, cyn gynghorydd, undebwyr, stiwdants, Plaid Cymru, Plaid Lafur, Gogs a Hwntws, Cymraeg a di-Gymraeg.
CHICAGO: Adaptor Karen Tarjan and director Ned Mochel enjoy a good challenge.
Francesca Palfrey, Cerys Peach, Hattie Smith, Isobel Jennings, Layla Jennings, Ella Fairey, Isabel Oakland, Leo Mochel, Sophie Mochel, Niamh Muddimer, Willem Muddimer, Maddi Archer, Libby Braimbridge, Harrison Cook, Rosie Moakes and Ben Smith were the other members of the successful team.