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Paul J., German physician, 1853-1907. See: Möbius sign, Möbius syndrome, Leyden-Möbius muscular dystrophy.
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These funds will go directly toward a full-scale production of the breakfast drink, and if Mobius reaches its stretch goal of $100,000, they will donate a portion of the funds to support Healthy Zone, a local charity that works to fight childhood obesity.
The online marketplace is extensive, let Mobius Payments create a uniquely tailored solution that will effectively address your individual business needs.
Mobius is re-imagining the car for Africa's mass market and we are thrilled to gain the support of visionary investors such as PIC who see the social and commercial potential of our products across the continent," said Joel Jackson, Founder & CEO of Mobius Motors.
In the coming weeks, Mobius will be unveiled in larger markets throughout the Southeast.
Although the interlocking edges of the Mobius strip suggest the formal organization of the building, the mathematical model is not literally transferred to the architecture.
It is a testament to the depth of our line of vibration analysis training products and certified training courses," said Jason Tranter, founder and managing director, Mobius Institute.
Working with Dentsu Mobius to empower digital marketers worldwide to monetize their data assets is an exciting endeavor and we look forward to providing added value for their clients for a long time to come.
The Mobius strip (or band) is one example of a wide variety of geometrical forms that play important roles in the mathematical field of topology.
Since that time, Mobius has expanded its iLearn product line to include teachings of field balancing, shaft alignment and other condition monitoring topics.
Architected specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Rebit Mobius can be deployed as a cloud service, on-premises or with a hybrid model.
Mobius delivers highly scalable archiving and retrieval solutions that have achieved industry recognition for scalability, scope of functionality and breadth of supported formats.
It does not include the thousands of students trained in field balancing, shaft alignment and condition monitoring courses or individuals trained through Mobius iLearn[TM] computer-based training products.