mobility device

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something contrived for a specific purpose; usually a simple mechanical apparatus.
assisting d's (assistive d's) tools and implements that aid a person with a disability in carrying out mobility or activities of daily living.
intrauterine device see intrauterine device.
left ventricular assist device a circulatory support device consisting of a pump connected to an external pneumatic power source and control circuit; it has afferent and efferent conduits attached respectively to the left atrium or ventricle and the ascending aorta. Each conduit contains a porcine valve to ensure unidirectional blood flow and maintain systemic circulation when the heart is unable to do so. The device is used as a bridge to transplantation.
mobility device a device such as a wheelchair, motorized scooter, cart, or stroller that permits the disabled individual to move about and have greater access to the environment.
terminal device the end piece of a prosthesis for the upper limb; it may be a hook or a mechanical or cosmetic hand.

mobility device

Any assistive technology that aids the movement of people with physical impairments. Examples include lift chairs, scooters, or wheelchairs.
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Look good, feel good--most mobility devices on the market have had little or no design input and we want our solution to make the user feel empowered.
As our aging population grows, more and more older adults are moving past the stigma of mobility devices and instead are relying on them to help maintain their independence and move more confidently.
Indeed, others' obvious curiosity or distress about your walking abilities may be a clue that it's time to consider a new or different mobility device.
For persons with difficulty operating a mobility device because of decreased physical strength or environmental accessibility barriers, a new concept has been developed to accommodate those issues: the Independence iBOT 3000 mobility system (Independence Technology, Johnson & Johnson; New Brunswick, New Jersey) [44].
Of the 107 abstracts that we read, 93 did not meet the criteria for inclusion because the electronic mobility devices that were discussed relied on environmental adaptations, were no longer available, or were prototypes that were still being developed.
Caption: Cherry Tuck tries out the One Disk water mobility device.
All-new UNI-CUB: Designed for harmony with people, this new personal mobility device realizes the same freedom of movement in all directions that a person enjoys while walking and a compact size which enables it to adapt to the surrounding environment where people are moving around.
Unfortunately, nondeterministic interference becomes an issue in this setting because the relationship between body segments and the mobility device is not fixed.
The Society-led informal coalition was made up of patient groups, such as the Parkinson's Action Network, and mobility device manufacturers.
The criteria look at how well the beneficiary can accomplish activities of daily living such as toileting, grooming, and eating with and without using a wheelchair or other mobility device.
Local California newspaper the Sacramento Bee recently reported that demand for city and county legislation governing the public use of Segway, LLC's two-wheeled, battery-powered Human Transporters (HTs) in Sacramento has subsided since last year's introduction of the personal mobility device, primarily due to the product's slow sales.
The model is to compete with the Segway, the three-wheeled electric mobility device serves as a shuttle that can bring drivers to and from their parked vehicle.

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