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Intracellular calcium-binding protein, with cell adhesion and vascular regulatory actions; found in the endoplasmic reticulum.
[calcium + (endoplasmic and cytoplasmic) reticula + -in]
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(11) In contrast to DMT1, the IMP pathway transports no other metals of nutritional importance, only ferric iron ([Fe.sup.3+]), and requires the chelation of [Fe.sup.3+] by mucins before interaction with beta3-integrin and mobilferrin. (10,12)
Another less understood Fe uptake mechanism is mucin-integrin mobilferrin pathway (13).
Because iron is also absorbed via a [Beta](3) integrin and mobilferrin pathway that is not shared by other nutritional metals (16), a defective DMT-1 transporter system could be masked by compensatory enhancement of the integrin and mobilferrin pathway for iron metabolism, leaving only the absorption of zinc decreased.