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Military medicine
adjective Capable of moving or being moved from place to place and designed to operate tactically in that manner.

Vox populi-UK
noun Cell phone.


Abbreviation for:
More Patency With Beta Radiation for In-Stent Restenosis in the Lower Extremity
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France - 18 million DAU, 26 million MAU, 11 million mobile DAU, 17 million mobile MAU
Spain - 12 million DAU, 18 million MAU, 8.1 million mobile DAU, 13 million mobile MAU
By partnering NEC, which already offers mobile phones in all i-mode markets, StarHub is set to unveil a new chapter in Singapore's mobile market via NEC's i-mode mobile handsets," said Mr.
NEC is the pioneer in developing i-mode technology and handsets when NTT DoCoMo developed the world's first mobile Internet service in Japan in February 1999.
Although private, non-telecom companies own the majority of public hotspots today, In-Stat says, that majority will shift to mobile operators by 2006.
For mobile operators, public WLANs can serve as both a carrot and a stick.
In an unpublished, follow-up study of 6-month-olds, the scientists also observe good memory for the serial order of five mobiles, again after a 24-hour delay.
Infants viewed the first mobile for 2 minutes while the researchers established the rate at which they kicked their legs.
Wireless systems originally architected for circuit-voice, then adapted for data, e.g., 3G, cannot cost effectively provide the whole Internet experience to mobile users.
The flash-OFDM system is a mobile wireless data system that was designed and optimized from the ground up to enable cost effective broadband mobile data communications.
The conference is opening strong with the CMO Mobile Summit, a whole-day conference discussing how marketers can equip their arsenal with mobile.
--proximity payment using the mobile terminal at a physical point of sale;