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Military medicine
adjective Capable of moving or being moved from place to place and designed to operate tactically in that manner.

Vox populi-UK
noun Cell phone.


Abbreviation for:
More Patency With Beta Radiation for In-Stent Restenosis in the Lower Extremity
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The most common rating by analysts on Exxon Mobil stock is a Sell.
This endeavor is a joint venture (JV) formed by ENI, Exxon Mobil, OGDCL and PPL.
After its success, Exxon Mobil will spud in more wells.
For his part, Nosseir said that Exxon Mobil Egypt is one of the largest petroleum products companies in Egypt.
The Supreme Court, in the lead judgment by Justice John Inyang Okoro, upheld the earlier Court of Appeal's decision in the case, which agreed that the Nigerians, led by Okon Johnson,were and are still Mobil's staff and should be accorded all benefits.
According to the DC Peshawar, the mobil oil was injurious for the engines of the vehicles and was creating faults in the vehicles.
The most advanced turbine engine oil that ExxonMobil has ever produced, Mobil Jet Oil 387 meets demanding industry specifications, including SAE AS5780 High Performance Capability and US Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699-HTS, and is approved for use by engine manufacturers in a wide range of models and components.
attorneys general - including Democrats in New York, California and Massachusetts - investigating whether Exxon Mobil publicly downplayed the risks of manmade climate change, even as its own scientists warned company executives of the phenomenon's consequences and published research along those lines.
Mobil Satellite Technologies is a major supplier of mobile, portable, and fixed broadband satellite solutions to business and Government customers throughout the USA and internationally.
In addition, testing results showed how Mobil SHC Rarus Series oils can maintain compressor cleanliness during the long haul by helping to minimise sludge, varnish and deposit formation, which can occur when compressors operate in extreme load and temperature conditions.
Karl-Johan Sandesjo, Gargash General Manager said, "The partnership will help us deliver unsurpassed performance and protection to our customers' vehicles using Mobil's cutting-edge automotive technology.
"Exxon Mobil launched a rapid and effective response and worked closely with the U.S.