Yoneji, Japanese bacteriologist, 1885-1959. See: Miyagawanella, Miyagawa bodies.
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'We are saying the two systems are fundamentally different,' says Shigeru Miyagawa, an MIT linguist and co-author of a new paper detailing the study's findings.
Business daily The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) earlier quoted Japan's ambassador to Malaysia, Makio Miyagawa, as saying that Putrajaya and Tokyo were engaged in talks for a second Samurai bond issue after the success of the initial AY=200 billion (RM7.34 billion) 10-year secured bonds sold in March.
Subs not used - Ikeda, Hirao, Utsugi, Sakaguchi, Minami, Takarada, Momiki, Miyagawa, Yokoyama, Miyake.
"I wanted to come to the Imperial Palace as they (emperor and empress) are like the father and mother of the country," said Kimiyo Miyagawa, 68, a housewife from northern Japan who came with her daughter to be near the palace.
The Hong Kong players are expected to improve the level of competition, as proven in the same Dumaguete leg late last year, where University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos alums Alexa Polidario and Erjane Magdato emerged victorious over Samaa Miyagawa of Japan and Tin Lai of Hong Kong.
Polidario and Magdato emerged victorious over Samaa Miyagawa of Japan and Tin Lai of Hong Kong in the Negros Oriental capital last November, the most well-attended leg of the four-year old beach volleyball circuit.
(18) But for most products a price accounting model, like that in Nomura, Miyagawa, and Samuels (2018) must be used to determine conceptually appropriate PPPs for each cell of the IO table.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Tokyo attaches great importance to its long-standing ties with Tehran, Director General for Cultural Affairs of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs Manabu Miyagawa said, calling for expansion of mutual cooperation, especially in the cultural field.
Using Chiori Miyagawa's adaptation of John Gillespie's prior translation of the Japanese-language play by Shimizu Kunio, this production already perfected its mix of satirical humor and elegiac melancholy when it premiered two years ago.
lori Takigami, MD, PhD, Yoshiki Ito, MD, PhD, Takaki Miyagawa, MD, and Haruhiko Akiyama, MD, PhD
Miyagawa, S.; Matsumaru, D.; Murashima, A.; Omori, A.; Satoh, Y.; Haraguchi, R.; Motoyama, J.; Iguchi, T.; Nakagata N.; Hui, C.
Since the publication of the seminal paper by Joseph Emonds (1969), a number of proposals have been put forth to attempt to explain why certain types of transformations can only occur in root contexts--see, among others, Hooper and Thompson (1973), Emonds (1976), Maki, Kaiser and Ochi (1999), Haegeman (2000; 2002; 2006a; 2006b; 2007 and 2010), Heycock (2006), Bianchi and Frascarelli (2010), Miyagawa (2010), Jimenez-Fernandez and Miyagawa (2014).