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A term referring to certain types of ratios vis-à-vis beneficiaries or service types rendered in a managed care setting


Managed care A term referring to certain types of ratios vis-á-vis beneficiaries or service types rendered in a managed care setting. See Case mix, Patient mix, Payer mix, Service mix.


(mĭks) [L. mixtus, to mix]
1. To put things, substances, or people together in solution, a collection, or an assembly, respectively.
2. The act of mixing.
3. A mixture of materials, as a cement mix, available in various proportions of ingredients.


v to form by combining ingredients.

Patient discussion about mix

Q. How long between allergy medication can I give a child cold medication? I gave my boyfriend’s son allergy medication and he also has a cold I wanted to know when I can give him cold mediation for his cold. He is 5 years old.

A. This is a question for a professional. Some medication react with others, you should call a Doctor or a pharmacist and ask them. And ask them if it’s o.. to give a cold medicine to a 5 year old. If it’s not a bad cold- you can treat it the old fashion way, steams, chicken soup, a lot of tea.

Q. What medications are forbidden to take with alcohol? And why is that?

A. I think this web page will give you something to think about:
apparently there are more drugs you shouldn’t mix with alcohol then I could think of…

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Hire a bartender to lead a Hot Drinks, Cool Barware Seminar that offers instruction on making today's most popular mixed drinks with high-quality barware.
Whispers has an update to last week's report on mixed drink sales at Little Rock restaurants.
But customers at restaurants that also sell mixed drinks aren't required to pay the 8.
In their place come summer's lighter beverages: youthful wines - from crisp whites and fruity roses to soft reds and sparkling wines - and easy, mixed drinks such as margaritas, sours, old fashioneds and Champagne cocktails.
CHICAGO -- A recent consumer survey by foodservice consultants Technomic found that consumers were more than twice as likely to order beer or mixed drinks than wine when drinking away from home.
Seventeen mixed drinks now on the menu were inspired by the artists' creations, which are featured on Wynwood's happy hour menu for $12 each.
5 ounces a shot, that equals 94 mixed drinks for each of us last year.
The growing popularity of mixed drinks like the "Jager Bomb" (Jagermeister and Red Bull) or "Vodka and Red Bull" can have implications on road safety, according to the study.
Mixed drinks containing fruit or vegetable juices will probably have less effect than straight alcohol.
The parent brand gives it an excellent heritage and it is designed to appeal to existing as well as new Martini drinkers who are looking for an alternative to long mixed drinks, or the sweeter premium packaged spirits, when drinking at home.
Fruit brandies can be a chic substitute for vodka in mixed drinks and an innovative twist with fruit juices or club soda.