Mixed Sex Ward

A patient ward in which both men and women share the same space. This may be uncomfortable for either sex, since procedures may take place in view of those of the opposite sex, compromising modesty and dignity
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MOST Merseyside hospitals are meeting mixed sex ward rules, according to new statistics.
She said: "I did not mind being on a mixed sex ward because I was so poorly.
Despite the hard work of medical staff there are still many people who feel uncomfortable in a mixed sex ward and it is vital that New Labour ministers understand this problem and do everything they can to resolve it.
I was appalled when I visited to see she was in a mixed sex ward. She is a nervous and timid person and I am sure that sharing a ward with a group of men was having a bad effect on her health.
He was a patient in the same mixed sex ward 14 in the hospital as his victim and was found in her bed at 7.15am on Saturday.
It is thought that the woman worked on C7, a 38-bed, mixed sex ward that houses the hospital's stroke services and cares for general medicine patients.
"I have now gone direct to the trusts and discovered that nearly 1,000 mixed sex ward beds still exist throughout Wales."
It later emerged she had told neighbours she was in fear of a male patient on the mixed sex ward and was due to see staff at the hospital for a review.
Patricia Balsom wrote of being denied basic palliative care, waiting in pain for scans, given only one pillow when she needed two, being treated against her will on a mixed sex ward where a deranged male patient stood naked at the end of her bed, at one stage being taken home unaccompanied in a delivery van because no ambulance was available.
Andrew RT Davies, Conservative Shadow Health Minister, said: "A mixed sex ward does not afford privacy or respect, especially if patients are in hospital for any length of time."
She was finally given a bed in a mixed sex ward - "a place we said we would abolish".
When Alan Johnson was Health Secretary we had a huge drive to abolish mixed sex wards. They're pretty much gone except in hospitals where the layout makes it impossible."