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A term referring to certain types of ratios vis-à-vis beneficiaries or service types rendered in a managed care setting
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Managed care A term referring to certain types of ratios vis-á-vis beneficiaries or service types rendered in a managed care setting. See Case mix, Patient mix, Payer mix, Service mix.
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(mĭks) [L. mixtus, to mix]
1. To put things, substances, or people together in solution, a collection, or an assembly, respectively.
2. The act of mixing.
3. A mixture of materials, as a cement mix, available in various proportions of ingredients.
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Patient discussion about mix

Q. How long between allergy medication can I give a child cold medication? I gave my boyfriend’s son allergy medication and he also has a cold I wanted to know when I can give him cold mediation for his cold. He is 5 years old.

A. This is a question for a professional. Some medication react with others, you should call a Doctor or a pharmacist and ask them. And ask them if it’s o.. to give a cold medicine to a 5 year old. If it’s not a bad cold- you can treat it the old fashion way, steams, chicken soup, a lot of tea.

Q. What medications are forbidden to take with alcohol? And why is that?

A. I think this web page will give you something to think about:
apparently there are more drugs you shouldn’t mix with alcohol then I could think of…

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