Mitsuda, Kensuke

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Kensuke, Japanese physician, 1876-1964.
Mitsuda antigen - an autoclaved suspension of human tissue naturally infected with Mycobacterium leprae.
Mitsuda reaction - a delayed hypersensitivity lepromin reaction in the form of erythematous papular nodules at the site of intradermal injection of Mitsuda antigen in a lepromin test.
Mitsuda test - lepromin test by intradermal injection.
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Type of skin lesion, neuritis, degree of disability, and the Mitsuda test results (Figure 1) were also analysed.
The Mitsuda test results in both groups of patients were greater than or equal to 3 mm (67% HIV-negative and 77% HIV-positive patients; P = 0.462).
So far, the tools available to evaluate the nasal involvement and the immunologic status of the patient are the nasal mucosa biopsy, the Mitsuda test, and the ML-flow test.
leprae in the nasal mucosa, in association with methods that determine the specific humoral response against the bacilli, ML-Flow, and the cellular immune response, Mitsuda test, may considerably enhance the accuracy in early diagnosis, treatment decision, and disability prevention.
The Mitsuda test was read by an experienced leprosy specialist 28 days after an intradermal injection of 0.1 ml lepromin suspension (6.0 X 107 bacilli/ml, heat killed, supplied by the Instituto Lauro de Souza Lima, Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil) in the upper one-third of the anterior aspect of the right forearm.
One hundred fifty-five (69.8%) of 222 cases were positive in the ML-Flow test, 67 patients (30.2%) were positive in the Mitsuda test, 101 (45.5%) were positive in the nasal biopsy, and 124 (55.8%) were positive in the skin smear.
The Mitsuda test in PNL and PB patients is generally positive, showing the capacity of the host to develop granuloma in response to M.
The Mitsuda test was positive in all the 36 patients.
(6-9) A significant inverse correlation has been shown between the antibody titer and the Mitsuda test, which evaluates the specific cellular immune response against Hansen's bacilli.
A negative correlation was noted between the Mitsuda test results and the BI of the skin smear covering the spectrum of clinical forms.
The cellular immune response was evaluated by the Mitsuda test, which showed an average of 7.4 mm among household contacts.
(1) The Mitsuda test is used for classifying the disease according to the RidleyJopling and Madrid schemes.
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