Mitrofanoff principle

Mi·tro·fan·off prin·ci·ple

use of a catheterizable channel (appendix, bowel, ureter) to drain the bladder as an alternative to the urethra.
See also: appendicovesicostomy.
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Paul, French pediatric surgeon, 1934–.
Mitrofanoff principle
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The Mitrofanoff principle in continent urinary reconstruction.
The Mitrofanoff principle: expanding upon a versatile technique.
During the literature review, we could only identify a single case of a 5 year old child who had similar triad of bladder agenesis with solitary kidney and ectopic ureter opening into the vestibule.5 The author managed the patient using the continent ileo-caecal pouch (Penn pouch) with Mitrofanoff principle. No other publication described lower urinary tract reconstruction and attainment of continence in patients with bladder agenesis.
(39) Additionally, there are two cases of robot-assisted laparoscopy for simultaneous reconstruction of a continent urinary diversion using the Mitrofanoff principle and the antegrade continent enema.