Paul, 20th-century French pediatric surgeon. See: Mitrofanoff principle.
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A 20-year-old male with a preoperative diagnosis of exstrophy--epispadias complex was posted for surgery (Mitrofanoff procedure and neobladder creation) under epidural and general anaesthesia.
Pfister, C., Dacher, J.N., Gaucher, S., Liard-Zmuda, A., Grise, P., & Mitrofanoff, P.
Patients in which only continent reconstruction were done, such as creation of Mitrofanoff, Monte, and bladder neck reconstruction without AC, were also excluded.
In our study we had no case requiring bladder augmentation, Mitrofanoff or ileal conduit reconstruction.
INTRODUCTION: In Mitrofanoff procedure, appendix is used to construct a continent catheterizable channel to the bladder [1] Although it was originally described for use in children with neurogenic bladders, it is being widely used for many clinical situations.
Today the use of the appendix more frequently for appendicovesicostomy (Mitrofanoff) and antegrade continence enema (ACE) procedures has increased its importance making more careful consideration of appendectomy necessary.1112
Ureter was attached in an anti-reflux manner via a sub-mucosal tunnel and appendix dissected from the caecum and anastomosed to right leaf of colonic patch and brought out to right iliac fossa as a catheterizable Mitrofanoff stoma.