Mitochondrial Eve

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A hypothetical ‘mother of mankind’, who is postulated to have lived in Africa ±200,000 BC
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Y Chromosome Adam and Mitochondrial Eve aren't the first human man and woman either, but they are real people whose Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA have been passed down with modifications to every living male and female.
Cann put it in her excellent overview, "The Mitochondrial Eve," in the Natural Science section of The World & I, (September 1987, Article #13469).
He claims every person in the world originates from just 36 clan mothers, all descended from a woman in Africa named Mitochondrial Eve, who lived between 150,000 to 200,000 years ago.
Eventually it all comes down to Mitochondrial Eve in Africa 200,000 years ago."'
The fact that it was accepted that there was a single origin for the whole variety of human life led to talk of a "mitochondrial Eve," or an "African Eve," a symbolic term to represent humanity's female ancestor.
In the long run we would like to be able to handle data such as the mitochondrial Eve data set (1).
Nonetheless, representatives of other groups are found at the confluence of the four branches, so it is possible that the mitochondrial Eve lived elsewhere and that her descendants migrated into Africa from some other part of the Old World.
Mitochondrial Eve, Y-Chromosome Adam, and Population Size
It also indicates that "Mitochondrial Eve" - the African ancestral mother from whom all modern humans are descended - lived 110,000 to 130,000 years ago.
Scientists on a 13-year study of DNA - the building blocks of life - found that the blueprint for females came from one woman they've dubbed Mitochondrial Eve, who lived in Africa 143,000 years ago.
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