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Weir Mitch·ell

(wēr mich'el),
Silas, U.S. neurologist, poet, and novelist, 1829-1914. See: Mitchell treatment, Gerhardt-Mitchell disease, Weir Mitchell treatment.


(mĭch′əl), Peter Dennis 1920-1992.
British biochemist. He won a 1978 Nobel Prize for contributions to the understanding of biological energy transfer.
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David Jupp, Quilter Cheviot; Karen Moores, Sydney Mitchell.
Mitchell says, "I told Walter Terry that story and he said, 'That girl knew where she was going from the get-go.
20, 2002, as Mitchell was leaving his sister's house on the 9200 block of East Avenue T-4 to go to his parents' house, where he lived about eight blocks away, officials said.
I am able to do things I couldn't do [with my previous prosthetic arm]," says Mitchell.
I don't think of it as an unusual film; I think of it as a rather traditional film in so many ways," Mitchell says, perhaps strategically, in his cool, Zen-like manner.
Anxiety concerning the seductive and misleading capacities of images is central, Mitchell argues, to the Judaic worldview.
I reported on the deal from Prague, struggling to edit my piece in a smoke-filled cubicle," Mitchell writes of one presidential trip she covered during the Clinton administration.
Maria Mitchell discovers a comet: Nantucket's heavenly legacy
While he is right that many Christians might be offended by his belief that Jesus is not divine, that he was illegitimate (and in fact largely rejected by his own family during his ministry), that he did not return from the dead, it is also true that anyone interested in Jesus will be drawn to the essence of Jesus' charisma as described by Mitchell.
Mitchell finally points out how much modem scholars have to learn from Chrysostom; like John, modem interpreters are influenced by the culture around them as they produce their "portraits" of Paul.
Mitchell, who incorporates wood into a lot of his design work, says, he likes to use wood as an "expression.