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Weir Mitch·ell

(wēr mich'el),
Silas, U.S. neurologist, poet, and novelist, 1829-1914. See: Mitchell treatment, Gerhardt-Mitchell disease, Weir Mitchell treatment.
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(mĭch′əl), Peter Dennis 1920-1992.
British biochemist. He won a 1978 Nobel Prize for contributions to the understanding of biological energy transfer.
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The company found that since October 4, 2016, Mitchell had been submitting claims to his friend in the company to approve them.
Mitchell, who famously began smoking at age nine, shares intimacies in the volume that offers an unprecedented portrait of her life.
Jean is survived by her husband of 50 years, Donald E Mitchell, of Kansas City; her mother, Lora Fouty, of Newton; sons, Michael E.
Handicap spring series: Stewart Mitchell; Laser spring series: Trudie Mitchell; Handicap Commodore's Cup: Stephen Thomas Bate; Laser Commodore's Cup: Carol Beattie; Handicap Pure Class: John Broadbent and David Gemmell; Laser Pure Class: Trudie Mitchell.
In this transaction, Mitchell will expand its capabilities and resources in order to further assist clients across the auto, workers' compensation and disability claims process.
Mitchell & Mitchell prides itself on providing all lines of insurance to its prestigious client base of professionals, including life, health, commercial, and personal.
While Mitchell was experiencing symptoms of a syncopal episode, which includes general weakness and difficulty speaking, and a headache, Cox diagnosed Mitchell with a migraine after test results came back normal.
Liberty said Mitchell and Mitchell's management of the CNA programmes for lawyers, dentists and CPAs is among the highest performing in the nation and Liberty looks forward to continuing that level of stewardship while tapping into its multi-office infrastructure and sales culture to grow clientele in these professional niches.
Mitchell was in town to promote the shoe and apparel brand Adidas.
Mitchell, the Utah Jazz rookie sensation, on Sunday made his pitch to lure free agent swingman Paul George to play with him and his fellow rising star Rudy Gobert.
Debbie Day, executive vice president and general manager of Mitchell's Auto Physical Damage division, said, 'We're pleased that our long-standing partner Fix Auto Canada has decided to extend their relationship with Mitchell.