Missing Link

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AIDS A hypothetical link between monkeys and man in the molecular evolution of a lentivirus endemic in monkeys which has been linked to HIV
Evolution A popular term for the ‘holy grail’ primate that would bridge the gap between monkey and man
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I did it for 'Avatar' (as Neytiri), 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (Gamora) and now for 'Missing Link.' These films make me feel that that's the way I get to grow as an artist.'
With Missing Link, it's about finding your family, finding your true friendships, and finding the things that really matter in life," said Jackman.
Missing Link goes down as refreshingly as a cup of Sir Lionel's Earl Grey.
Marwah spoke about the missing link between dreams and reality and the steps that students can take to chase down their dreams.
Knottnerus (sociology, Oklahoma State U.) sees the study of ritual as a "missing link" in sociology.
The New Scientist article, entitled "Why Ida fossil is not the missing link," brought things back down to earth: "Now that the first description of the fossil has been published, the task of sifting through the massive public relations campaign to understand the true significance of the new fossil can begin." New Scientist goes on to ask: "What does Ida's anatomy tell us about her place on the family tree of humans and other primates?
In the following years the Department of Environment and Planning of South Glamorgan County Council designed and supervised the construction of the motorway from Coryton to Miskin and the Periphal Distributor Road around the whole city except for this "missing link".
Neuroscience and Social Work Practice provides the critical missing link. Introducing the latest neuroscience research, it gives practitioners essential data--in an easily accessible form--with which to take on the challenges of increasingly complex human problems and diagnoses.
AN amphibian "missing link" has been discovered in the US that bridged the gap between frogs and salamanders nearly 300myears ago.
FOSSILS found in Northern Kenya suggest a missing link man's evolution.
Written by modern Renaissance woman Joyce Holms, whose varied careers range from hotel management to working for an Edinburgh detective agency to raising two children, Missing Link is a wickedly funny Fizz and Buchanan mystery.

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