Missing Link

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AIDS A hypothetical link between monkeys and man in the molecular evolution of a lentivirus endemic in monkeys which has been linked to HIV
Evolution A popular term for the ‘holy grail’ primate that would bridge the gap between monkey and man
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In his book, The Cult of Information, Roszak (1986) has a chapter entitled, "The Public Library: The Missing Link of the Information Age.
The missing link currently forces cyclists and pedestrians to use the existing road network, so this will be a safer and more family-friendly option.
We don't have the expertise in town to flush out (ideas) and the mills don't have enough time to do it, so Forintek is considered the missing link," Carlson says.
MISSING LINK Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier with his latest Anfield signing Harry Kewell.
Boese also details a recent scientific fraud, in which a fossil found in China passed muster, among some scientists, as the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.
The magazine described it as a "true missing link in the complex chain that connects dinosaurs and birds.
For Mudvada Group Under Dharoi Regional Water Supply Under Missing Link Programme-2013-14 Ta: Patan Dist : Patan.
THE Ulster Museum has launched a new exhibition exposing the missing link which answers the question: Did Dinosaurs evolve into birds?

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