Mishel, Merle H.

a nursing theorist who developed the Uncertainty in Illness Theory, which asserts that uncertainty is initially a neutral cognitive state representing the inability of the patient with chronic or life-threatening conditions to interpret the outcome of events related to the illness and that nursing interventions must help patients adapt and cope productively with this uncertainty, integrating it into their lives and improving quality of life.
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According to Mishel (1981, 1983, 1988), three antecedents comprise uncertainty: an event that acts as a stimulus, a structural framework, and the ability to process information.
Uncertainty in the context of illness has been defined by a variety of nursing scholars (Hilton, 1992; McCormick, 2002; Mishel, 1990; Penrod, 2007), with those definitions applied by many more (Checton, Greene, Magsamen-Conrad, & Venetis, 2012; Elphee, 2008; Madar & Bar-Tal, 2009; Rucker, West, & Roemer, 2010; Yu Ko & Degner, 2008).
He would have carried out plans to marry his girlfriend, 17-year-old Mishel Ordillos, raise their baby son, and migrate abroad, had his future not been snuffed in an anti-narcotics operation led by the Caloocan Police Community Precinct 1 in January.
EPI's Lawrence Mishel and Jessica Schieder, co-authors of the report found, "America's largest firms made an average of $15.
If you hang around with executives, you adopt a certain view of the world, and it's a view of the world that seems to be informing his policies," said Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal-leaning advocacy group in Washington.
In 1994, public school teachers' earnings (including salary, health benefits, and pension) were similar to those of other workers with a college degree after adjusting for the shorter work year in teaching; by 2015, teachers earned 11% less in total compensation (Allegretto & Mishel, 2016).
Additionally, since the 1970s, and contrary to marginal productivity theory, there has been a steady weakening in the relationship between productivity and income distribution, as the fruits of technological innovation and economic growth have been appropriated almost exclusively by elite owners, investors, and high-level executives (Bivens and Mishel, 2015).
Then, the minister moved to inspect the 39th Regiment where he was received by its commander Mishel bin Salem bin Tuwalah.
Citing a study by the Economic Policy Institute (Lawrence Mishel and Alyssa Davis, 'Top CEOs Make 300 Times More than Typical Workers," June 21, 2015, http://bit.
com)-- Play concluded at the 2016 Butterfly Arnold Table Tennis Challenge on the third day of competition with the U2500 event, where Mishel Levinski avenged his Open Singles quarter-final exit by winning the event in style.
For example, Lawrence Mishel and colleagues used various CES statistics in analyzing the economic experience of workers and their families in the United States.