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Alternative medicine See Psychodrama
Informatics A type of information system back-up in which every ‘transaction’ is recorded on identical primary system files, where the two hard disks are synchronized
(1) The empathic responsiveness of the parent to a developing child's grandiose-exhibitionistic needs
(2) A technique in psychodrama in which another person in the group plays the role of the patient, who watches the enactment as if gazing into a mirror; the 1st person may exaggerate one or more aspects of the patient's behaviour; after the portrayal, the patient is usually encouraged to comment on what he/she has observed
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"Mirroring Evil" is a powerful, thought-provoking, and exciting show.
"Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art" will be on view at the Jewish Museum, New York, through June 30.
The optimal approach is to offer both synchronous and asynchronous mirroring solutions.
One of the most critical factors in selecting a mirroring solution is the ability to ensure the integrity of the data being replicated between sites.
An enterprise customer can use a high-end storage system for their primary storage and, with the iSCSI switch's mirroring capability, implement a low cost remote replication solution using lower cost simple disk systems without degradation of performance levels.
SANRAD's iSCSI switch, as an example, provides synchronous mirroring using direct attached SCSI storage systems and direct-attached or fabric-attached FC storage systems.
Now, the combination of lower-cost disk arrays and new mirroring technologies, such as SAN fliers from ONStor, will greatly reduce the expense and complexity of SAN-based replication and will bring its benefits to the open systems arena.
RAID-1 (JBOD mirroring): During a single disk failure, data is at risk of loss because there is no redundancy.
However, for greater business continuity issues, the product still does not offer remote mirroring capabilities.
The main difference between mirroring or imaging and making a native file format copy is ease of use.
Drives are logically combined into RAID groups and assigned a RAID level such as striping or mirroring that provide the best optimization of cost, performance, and reliability for a specific application.
True disk-based mirroring uses the intelligence of the disk subsystem to make mirror images of the data residing on its surfaces.