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Alternative medicine See Psychodrama
Informatics A type of information system back-up in which every ‘transaction’ is recorded on identical primary system files, where the two hard disks are synchronized
(1) The empathic responsiveness of the parent to a developing child's grandiose-exhibitionistic needs
(2) A technique in psychodrama in which another person in the group plays the role of the patient, who watches the enactment as if gazing into a mirror; the 1st person may exaggerate one or more aspects of the patient's behaviour; after the portrayal, the patient is usually encouraged to comment on what he/she has observed
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One of the most critical factors in selecting a mirroring solution is the ability to ensure the integrity of the data being replicated between sites.
In a synchronous mirroring approach, all data (whether corrupt or not) is immediately replicated to the secondary storage device.
We can expand a simple remote synchronous mirroring installation into a complete storage disaster recovery configuration.
Now, the combination of lower-cost disk arrays and new mirroring technologies, such as SAN fliers from ONStor, will greatly reduce the expense and complexity of SAN-based replication and will bring its benefits to the open systems arena.
Or, mirroring two RAID-5 arrays together allows one mirror to take all IO activity while the other undergoes parity rebuild.
True disk-based mirroring uses the intelligence of the disk subsystem to make mirror images of the data residing on its surfaces.