Mirror Site

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A website or FTP site that maintains exact copies of material from another location, which provides ready access to the material
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To circumvent this censorship, Reporters Without Borders created a mirror site (lavoixdedjibouti.rsf.org) that enables Internet users in Djibouti to access the website.
Dallas, TX, April 28, 2010 --(PR.com)-- With the rapid rise in cell phone / smart phone usage to access the World Wide Web, Business Money Today has developed and published a mirror site designed specifically for mobile phones and smart phones.
It is also illegal for US CD vendors and mirror site operators to make these packages available.
The beauty of most ASPs is that if anything short of an apocalyptic event hits the primary server, an organization's data will be safe in another server or mirror site that may be housed anywhere across the globe.
Some enterprising person opened up a mirror site which allowed more people to tune and see what the cult was all about.
Finally, after convincing Nick (Joshua Morrow) that she wasn't the one behind the mirror site that was selling her designs, she took things one step further, assuring his loyalty by proposing marriage.
The mirror site is still fairly simple but additional functions could be added in the coming days.
Chelsea (Melissa Clare Egan) told Nick (Joshua Morrow) during the CBS soap's Valentine's Day party that Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood) had been the person responsible for the mirror site, and that she genuinely was innocent.
We've teamed up with our brilliant website Fish4jobs to create a one-stop jobs shop on the Mirror site.