P.L., 20th-century Argentine physician. See: Mirizzi syndrome.
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Complications of gallstones: the Mirizzi syndrome, gallstone ileus, gallstone pancreatitis, complications of "lost" gallstones.
Acute cholecystitis and difficult gall bladder have severe inflammation and anatomical deformities like Mirizzi syndrome, empyema and gangrene.
(29) proposed that Mirizzi syndrome was a result of chronic inflammation caused by adenomyomatosis.
The omentum and the transverse colon were adherent to the gallbladder, and a fistula formation was observed between the transverse colon and the gallbladder (Mirizzi syndrome, type 5).
Mirizzi syndrome was firstly reported by Pablo Luis Mirizzi (1893-1964), one of the major biliary surgeons in the past century.
Laparoscopic resection of cholecystocolic fistula and subtotal cholecystectomy by tri-staple in a type V mirizzi syndrome.
Mirizzi, "Topn recommendations from implicit feedback leveraging linked open data," in Proceedings of the 7th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems, pp.
Mirizzi syndrome is defined as common hepatic duct obstruction caused by extrinsic compression or inflammation from cystic duct or gallbladder neck stone burden.
It should also be noted in this patient's case that there was no difficult dissection, pressurization of the biliary tree by cholangiography, or even Mirizzi syndrome due to cholelithiasis.
The third patient had a Mirizzi Type stricture managed by an open cholecystectomy.
Ferdinanda Mirizzi Universita della Basilicata, Italia
Se encontraron 24 (30%) pacientes con mucocele, 16 (20%) con pancreatitis biliar, 16 (20%) con empiema, 12 (15%) con coledocolitiasis, 4 (5%) con eslceroatrofia, 4 (5%) con necrosis y perforacion, 3 (4%) con colangitis y 1 (1%) sindrome de Mirizzi (Figura 1).