Miraculous Cure

A term, the meaning of which depends on the user and the context, which, in general terms, can be defined as a highly unexpected return to a state of health from a grave medical condition
Oncology Because late—up to decades after a presumed cure—recurrence and relapse of cancer is not uncommon, oncologists are reticent about using the phrase miraculous cure
Paranormal A medically unexpected return to health attributed to a religious miracle
Vox populi In the working (non-oncologic, non-ecclesiastic) parlance, the phrase miraculous cure is loosely defined by the lay public as any unexpected return to health—e.g., awakening from a year-long coma, walking again after a cervical spine injury that left one paraplegic, etc.
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References in classic literature ?
Two or three individuals hinted that the man of skill, during his Indian captivity, had enlarged his medical attainments by joining in the incantations of the savage priests, who were universally acknowledged to be powerful enchanters, often performing seemingly miraculous cures by their skill in the black art.
We just had the miraculous cure of a cancer patient and we run to thank the Lord over and over again.
The cancer society cautions to beware of any postings that make claims like "scientific breakthrough," "secret ingredient," "miraculous cure" or ancient remedy," as well as products offering money-back guarantees, available from only one source or said to cure a wide range of ailments.
This same thinking leads to a belief in a single miraculous cure, when in reality, problems are caused by multiple factors, each requiring its own intervention.
Toward the end of the narrative, he asks or prays for a reversal of his father's grim medical destiny, for a miraculous cure that would restore his failing health and bring back his lost memories, perhaps through the use of "un eCloud, un eNuage." The droll wistfulness of a cybernetic metaphor is typical of Begag's treatment of what is ultimately a somber narrative.
Then they may find an investor who has sickness in the family and hopes to beat the cancer that is plaguing his dearest or himself by funding the development of the "miraculous cure." After the first one invests, signing up others is easy.
One in six American men will develop prostate cancer.It is the most common cancer after skin cancer, and the second biggest cancer killer for men.Two Israeli scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Israel promise an almost miraculous cure, now in clinical trials at New York's Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.It is the culmination of 20 years of basic research by plant scientist Avigdor Scherz and cancer researcher Yoram Saloman.
The articulate guide showed us a number of spices and herbals, from cardamom, vanilla, cinnamon to lemon grass, tapioca, Insulin Plant, Pathimukam plant, gooseberry, Tulsi, and so on, while mentioning their health benefits, promising a miraculous cure for everything from cough and cold to diabetes and infertility.
However, despite the absence of any medical research to support its use as a medical intervention it is still being marketed worldwide as a miraculous cure for serious diseases including Aids hepatitis, malaria, herpes, tuberculosis, cancer and crohn's.
Timothy Ray Brown's miraculous cure from bone marrow transplant donor carrying CCR5 delta 32 is not an applicable option to the masses due to its high cost and life-threatening method.