Mint Leaf

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A regional term for PCP
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"Joining Mint Leaf of London at such a momentous time has been a great challenge and opportunity for me.
Carefully remove the chefs'ring and garnish with a mint leaf.
Moving into his new role as restaurant manager at Mint Leaf of London, Dubai, Fernandes will be responsible for overseeing restaurant operations across the restaurant, bar and lounge areas in the venue, ranging from improving productivity, business development and administration of the Mint Leaf Group's internal policies and procedures.
Mix with a spoon and add another mint leaf as garnish.
INGREDIENTS: 4 salmon steaks, 4 tbspn vegetable oil, 100ml plain yogurt, 140g Patak's tandoori paste, 1 tspn minced garlic, fresh chopped mint leaf, mixed salad, Patak's mint and cucumber raita, 1 lemon.
I look forward to building on my history with Mint Leaf, learning core responsibilities as a part of the company, growing as a professional and developing relationships."