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(mī′nət), George Richards 1885-1950.
American physician. He shared a 1934 Nobel Prize for discovering that a diet of liver relieves anemia.
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As part of the multiyear agreement, Cognizant will purchase ING U.S.'s existing facility in Minot, North Dakota, and will sub-lease offices in the current ING U.S.
Steve Beutler, career counselor at Minor High School in Minot, North Dakota, created MyLife as an introduction to career exploration and planning.
As reported on the PBS series Now, the cost of media concentration became clear in January 2002 when a late-night train derailment in Minot, North Dakota, spilled a toxic cloud of anhydrous ammonia.
These included participants in Hamilton Township, New Jersey and Minot, North Dakota who noted that newspaper notices did not identify asbestos as the contaminant in question and contained unclear and bureaucratic language.
Paul, Minnesota, encountered a devastating problem just outside the prairie town of Minot, North Dakota, population 37,000.
Bookseller Barnes & Noble Inc has announced it has signed a lease agreement to open a new store in Minot, North Dakota, US.
Questions from Tom Haider of Minot, North Dakota, and Denny Smith of Lima, Ohio, inspired this month's tip.
He points to the case of Minot, North Dakota, where all six commercial radio stations are owned by Clear Channel Communications, the biggest radio group in the country with more than 1,200 outlets.
It snowed a little on March 5 in Minot, North Dakota, close to the Canadian border.
In 1994, a plane chartered by the Indian Health Service crashed in a snowstorm in Minot, North Dakota, killing the pilot and three doctors on their way to a reservation clinic.
In Minot, North Dakota, police were called to a Wal-Mart store after customers queuing for the console were threatened.
During its 1999 annual training at Camp Ripley, the 164th Engineer Battalion (C)(M) from Minot, North Dakota, used a Mississippi River crossing operation conducted by its 957th Engineer Company (Assault Float Bridge) from Bismarck, North Dakota, to develop and test the concept of using administrative GIS data layers to support tactical operations.